Company Resume

1.Company profile(History-Organization)

Kohrang Industrial Group is established in 1986 aned  located in Oshtorjan industrial zone. This company produces different kinds of rubber, metal and polyurethane parts, installation and operation of equipments and machinery .It consists of Sazandish Co., Kohrang Lastic Co., Kohrang Baspar Co., Pars Bandar Co. and Kohrang Niroo Co. that each company has individual properties from the viewpoint of service and type of activity and the whole of group is managed by the board.

The space of this company is 32000m2 with 8 roofed warehouses and it has 11000m2 roofed factory.

300 workers and technician, 100expert directly and 600 expert indirectly work in Kohrang Industrial Group.

The brief activities of Kohrang:

Kohrang Lastic Co: established in 1986 for securing of essential needs in industrial in the field of rubber parts. Some of its products are rubber fenders  or marine fender , bridge bearing , expansion join, rubber compounds, rubber lining of metal and concrete storage, roller coating, rubber gasket, heat exchanger gasket and rubber pads.

The rubber dam unit succeeded to performance the rubber dam project for the first time in the Middle East.

Sazandish Co.: established in 1988 with the aim of designing and manufacturing of different kinds of machinery and equipments.

Some of its products are designing and manufacturing of machinery and equipments and material handling system (Bucket elevator, screw conveyor, belt conveyor, chain conveyor) and various storage, industrial structures, grating, flooring, various screens and metal structures, roller, pulley and drum motor.

Now it concentrates its research in marine industrial also has succeeded in the field of designing and manufacturing of various buoys and mooring and berthing equipment for example designing and manufacturing of buoys and bollards for north and south ports.

Studies and research of technical engineering unit in the field of capstan and winch cause that this company gains technical knowledge and basic facts of designing in marine industrial by cooperation with famous producer and have joint produce with the honored foreign companies.

Pars Bandar Co.: established in 1996 for producing of fenders and neoprene and expansion join.   

Kohrang Baspar Co.: with accordance to the ever-increasing needs of industrials for polyurethane rubber parts in Iran, is established in 2003 and by purchasing of modern apparatuses for manufacturing of polyurethane elastomers  and producing of special polyurethane parts and roller coating with polyurethane and mat under the railway and various oil and gas cleaning pipe pigs ,mine screens and….

Kohrang Niroo Co.: This Company was established in 2003 for installation and operation of equipments which are made by the Kohrang group and installation and operation of factory and industrial establishments, storage and oil, gas and water pipe line.

Kohrang Research and Technology Center: This center with1400m2 infrastructure in Pardis Technology Park /Tehran related to the president’s base started its activities 

in 2003. Kohrang Research and Technology Center is active to establish an expanded base  and universe science center as a core of Kohrang industrial researches in the field of researches and technology of modern polymer industries, petrochemical and manufacturing of modern equipments and etc.