Rubber lining

The mills in various industries, particularly in gold, lead and zinc mine also in tile, ceramics, glass and porcelain industries etc.   are lined with various materials including steel, cast iron and stone to prevent abrasion of the main parts. Diversity in type of compound and ease of application has made rubber lining the most perfect practical replacement option.

Due to high national and international demand for rubber lining ; Kohrang Lastic manufacturing company having a team of  expert personnel ,modern production facilities and state of the art equipment and instrument at its laboratory, succeeded to produce and implement  rubber lining for mines and other industries to substantially  increase  the life expectancy of the main  parts used .

The main advantages of the rubber lining for the mill:

1- Reducing noise pollution and dust in the work environment
2. Decrease the Depreciation of the system
3. Reducing energy costs
4. Fast and simple replacements
5.Increase mill capacity and production efficiency
6. Reduced wear on grinding balls and bars
7. Increase the useful life of the mill